The answer to the headline: Apparently when you spot him out in public. Maybe. Over the weekend, I made a mistake by shouting hello to Jim Boeheim across a parking lot. The only problem: it WASN'T the famous Syracuse basketball coach.

But I was so sure it was Boeheim driving through the Target parking lot at Sangertown Square Mall in New Hartford, I waved and issued a friendly, generic greeting: "Hey!" The man who was driving smiled and waved back at me. He then rolled down his window, I saw the mustache, and it was at that moment I realized my mistake. In order to save face, I went through with the exchange anyway:

Me: Great to see you.

Guy Shopping at Target Who Resembles Boeheim: Great to see YOU, too.


And that was it. But, it WAS plausible. Over the years I've seen Boeheim driving his car, shopping at Wegmans, dining at Cavallo's. So, it COULD have been him.

The man certainly RESEMBLED Coach Boeheim. I mean, he WAS wearing a red, white and blue windbreaker reminiscent of the type of gear I've seen the Hall of Famer wearing on the sidelines of Team USA games he's coached in the Olympics and other international competitions.

I had not called him out by name, and before I told Beth who I THOUGHT it was, she said "that looked like Jim Boeheim."

So, to Guy Shopping at Target Who Resembles Jim Boeheim, my apologies for the case of mistaken identity. And heads up, Coach: you've got a doppelganger right here in the Mohawk Valley.

Do you know this Boeheim lookalike? Or do you know another person in Central New York who resembles a star? Drop us a note or a pic. Meantime, click below for some other dead ringers:

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