As cases of COVID-19 continue to rise the threat of a toilet paper shortage has been on everyone's mind. One service will give you and your behind some piece of mind.

As the Novel Coronavirus entered the country in early 2020 and the threat of a nationwide shutdown loomed, people flocked to the store shelves and cleared them of sanitizer, cleaning products and something that nobody can live without...toilet paper!

For weeks people would wonder when the normal, reliable inventory of toilet tissue would be back in stores. Eventually, the shortage ended and even your favorite brand was readily available. But, a surge in new cases has people fearing that the rush on toilet paper may return. What if you never had to worry about toilet paper shortages anymore? What if you could have rolls delivered to your door regularly?

There is a service out there called "reel." The company is Reel Paper and they are an online subscription service that sends to your doorstep fresh, clean and environmentally friendly rolls of toilet paper. There is never a shortage when they guarantee to deliver it to you on a monthly basis. This toiler paper is not your average toilet paper.

Reel paper is made from 100% Bamboo and that makes it more sustainable. The company was founded with the following visit, according to their website.

Our vision is shaped by the challenges we see others facing here in the U.S. and around the world – challenges like climate change, lack of sufficient resources, food deserts, and an absolute need for us all to take better care of the planet and each other.

How do you sign up? You just go to their website and pick how often you'd like the toilet tissue delivered and it's all for one monthly price. To order yours visit Never worry about the last minute need again.

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