Beth and my son Dashiell share a strange food quirk. They both insist on eating one item on their plates to completion before beginning with the next item. Beth also is unable to enjoy ice cream unless I'm also eating ice cream.

As for me, I love pineapple and I love pizza. I just don't like them together. Our friend Ann feels the same way about peanut butter and chocolate--they're okay separately, but she said "I despise them together in any form." So, we threw it out there on Facebook: What are the oddest food quirks in Central New York?

-Jennifer Brown McCann: "I have to have 4 ice cubes in my drink" and "I won't eat the white tips on candy corn." (That IS weird, because it's not like the colors of the candy corn have different flavors, right? Or do they?)

-Christie Awosina: "I like cookies and cream ice cream...but I don't like Oreos." (Same as me, Christie...maybe we find Oreos too dry?)

-Brenda Ouelette will NOT eat any food from a microwave. (I keep telling Beth not to microwave foods in plastic containers.)

-Susan Evans enjoys beer with her chocolate "way too often."

-Suzanne Fidler: "I have to have ranch dressing drizzled on my spaghetti." (Does that mean on TOP of or INSTEAD of marinara?)

-Irv Perlman: "Hamburgers topped with peanut butter."

-Abby Greschek HATES onions in any form..."but onion ring chips are so good."

-Liz Davis "used to eat ketchup sandwiches."

If you'd like to add to this list of bizarre food quirks, fire away.


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