Here is how you can do your part to be included in this FEAST!

This weekend will feature football's biggest game and with that, it'll feature some big-time eating at parties all across the Hudson Valley but before you get ready for football you should pre-game with us at this year's Wing Wars.

According to WTEN, us Americans will chow down on a total of 1.4 billion bone-in chicken wings this weekend and if you do the math compared to last year, we will eat 27 million more wings this year. Why? I think Wing Wars may have something to do with it!

Wing Wars is set for this Saturday February 1st at the Orange County Fairgrounds and if you plan on coming, you can help us attempt to bump up the chicken wing eating number to somewhere around 1.5 billion wings.

We have a ton of great stuff planned for Saturday form 5-9 p.m. and you can still grab your tickets, including VIP tickets here.

We will have like 15 plus restaurants, live music with the Hype and a special appearance by Food Network's Chopped Champion Ed Randolph and the Handsome Devil BBQ Team.

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