Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman revealed in a tweet early this morning (Aug. 31) that he has been hospitalized. He shared a point-of-view picture from his hospital bed with the caption, "37 years of hard charging in the music business and it to [sic] only two weeks of teaching to put me in the hospital. Seriously take care of yourselves we are not invincible!"

An official reason for his hospitalization has yet to be revealed. You can read his tweet below.

It was announced last Nov. that 2018 would be the tour's final year. "We were doing fine, but we had a pretty big dip last year," shared Lyman in an interview with Billboard. "It was that younger end of the demo. It was an interesting tour -- the bands didn’t feel the dip because the fans that were there were super engaged… Everyone’s lining up at 11 o’clock and they don’t want to miss a band. So that [younger] demo changed, but then I talked to people after the tour and bands did great on merchandise, they had great crowds -- everyone had good crowds in front of the stage. But that casual fan that’s learning how to go to a music festival -- they were not there last summer,"

While Aug. 5 was the conclusion of the tour itself, Lyman has already alluded to a Warped event of some sorts next year. "The enduring spirit of the Vans Warped Tour remains as bright as ever, continuing to inspire creativity and ambition in new and exciting ways as we prepare for a 25th anniversary celebration in 2019," he revealed in a statement.

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