Since people aren't obeying the signs at closed basketball courts, the city of Utica is covering the hoops.

The Department of public works covered basketball hoops "to deter irresponsible behavior," Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri shared on Facebook.

Basketball and tennis courts, soccer and baseball fields were closed March 24th as part of the Utica's emergency order. "Signage was posted at all city parks that clearly informed residents of this order."

Unfortunately several kids ignored the sings and used several basketball courts anyway. "The public made city officials aware of what occurred through social media," said Palmieri.

Provided photo
Provided photo

"Once I was made aware of this, I immediately directed the Department of Public Works to cover all basketball rims in the city to deter this irresponsible behavior." Utica Police will also be patrolling to make sure there are no large gatherings, especially in city parks.

"I thank the residents who informed city officials about the basketball courts," said Palmieri. "Communication between the public and government entities is key."

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