An Upstate New York chef is the winner of the Food Network's 'Chopped' cooking show competition.

Chef Michele Hunter, the executive chef at Saratoga Springs' "Hamlet & Ghost" restaurant, is the winner of 'Chopped'.

'Chopped' challenges competitors to make delicious dishes out of a broad assortment of unusual ingredients. According to New York Upstate, some of the ingredients that led to Michele's victory included "vegan pork, pecan kringle, spaghetti sushi, moringa powder, an ambrosia-like dish called frog-eye salad, a Negroni, among others."

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The Hamlet & Ghost hosted a viewing party to watch their chef crowned champion.

As winner, Chef Michele wins $10,000 which she says she's put aside to open a bakery one day.

If you'd like to sample some of Chef Michele's cooking, you can make reservations at Hamlet & Ghost via their website:


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