Looking for a cool weekend getaway this fall? 

If summertime has been stressful for you and you're already thinking about a place to get away this fall, this place could be the most unique you will ever see.  They call it the "Exofin" House or "Ex of In House."  It's a geometric wonder that is a project by an architect named Steven Holl.

Now, don't be concerned when you see that it has 0 bedrooms.  It actually has enough room to sleep 3 people, so this one might be one that you leave the kids with a babysitter for.  It's only listed as 0 bedrooms because it has an open floor concept.

The first thing that will stand out is its very unique shape.  They describe it as a "geometric masterpiece."  It's also very eco-friendly.  The heat cools it geothermally and get its electricity from the sun.

"Instead of fossil fuel, the house is heated geothermally. Instead of grid power, the house has electricity from the sun. We are sensitive to the environment and respect its ecological balance." - listing on AirBnB

It's situated on 30 acres in Rhinebeck, NY near Hudson Valley.  In the last couple of years, Rhinebeck has gathered the attention of comic book fans after two Hollywood stars purchased some property there.  It's the home of a candy store called "Samuel's Sweet Shop."  You may have heard of it because it's owned by Marvel's Antman Paul Rudd and The Walking Dead's Negan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

You have to see this house though to really appreciate it.

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