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Two men are facing animal cruelty charges for taping a dog's front legs together with duct tape before kicking it across the room. If that's not bad enough. The men filmed it and put if on social media, where it went viral.

New York State Police responded to the home on Lisbon Street in Heuvelton October 21, after receiving several calls about the video.

30 year-old Joshua Pike of Heuvelton and 22 year-old Brandon Hooper of Depeyster are both charged with aggravated cruelty to animals.

Police took the dog from the home and it is now in a safe place.

Neighbor Georgiana Christman told WWNY the dog’s name was Roscoe. “He was friendly. He didn’t bite nobody. He’s playful."

The video has been marked as sensitive content on Facebook. WARNING - it may be hard to watch.

If you think someone you know is abusing animals contact local law enforcement, a humane organization, an animal control agency or a taxpayer-funded animal shelter.

The ASPCA provides a list of physical signs of animal cruelty:

  • Tight collar that has caused a neck wound or has become embedded in the pet's neck
  • Open wounds, signs of multiple healed wounds or an ongoing injury or illness that isn't being treated
  • Untreated skin conditions that have caused loss of hair, scaly skin, bumps or rashes
  • Extreme thinness or emaciation—bones may be visible
  • Fur infested with fleas, ticks or other parasites
  • Patches of bumpy, scaly skin rashes
  • Signs of inadequate grooming, such as extreme matting of fur, overgrown nails and dirty coat
  • Weakness, limping or the inability to stand or walk normally
  • Heavy discharge from eyes or nose
  • An owner striking or otherwise physically abusing an animal
  • Visible signs of confusion or extreme drowsiness

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