English and Spanish aside, what do you think is the most common language in New York?  Well, it's definitely not one that I expected.

Business Insider did an article about the most common languages in each state, excluding English and Spanish.  That makes sense, since obviously English is our language, and we all know how common Spanish is.

Some of the states I would have guessed.  Like Vermont and French?  Makes sense.  I lived in Northern Vermont and definitely experienced that.  Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Dutch? Also makes sense.  But I have to say, really, I wouldn't have guessed the language of New York.

Turns out, using U.S. Census data, Business Insider reported that Chinese is the most commonly spoken language at home in New York (again outside of English and Spanish).  I mean, I do speak Ukrainian and feel like I know way more people in New York that speak an Eastern European language, so maybe my view is skewed.  But I also feel like New York is always skewing in numbers by New York City, so I'd like to see this minus NYC, and just the rest of the state.  You can check out the map, and all of the most common languages in the United States, here.

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