Wow, this place has a knack for creating some delicious ice cream combinations. Have you tried any?

We all love ice cream this time of year, and these flavor combinations will bring you running to The North Pole in Chittenango. Owner Allie Ciotti tells us, "owning an ice cream shop is amazing because when you get these ideas and you can go with it."

Ciotti also owns the Hamlet Diner, and she gets creative with the food there as well. They serve up concoctions like twisted stuffed French toast with raspberry, and cream cheese spread stuffed French toast.

Hamlet Diner
Hamlet Diner

You can also try the BlackBerry Bananza French toast, but don't worry if making decisions stresses you out, then you should have dessert before your meal. Yeah, they serve CBD Oil Cupcakes in many flavors like
Piña Colada, Reese's Peanut Buttercup and Cookies & Cream.

The North Pole is very lucky to have survived the COVID pandemic. You may remember they had several situations where customers were so angry they were yelling and spitting on the teenage servers. Ciotti released several heart-wrenching statements to the community and customers.

July 7, 2020:

"...Tonight my young girls we severely screamed a customer not wearing a mask. Whose spit was flying everywhere!! Upon trying to shut the window, the customer then lunged and pulled the window open to continue their rant on being served without a mask...If you DO not want to wear a mask, please just go somewhere else. That is your right.. but what is not YOUR RIGHT is to bully my employees EVER!!"

A second statement was issued on July 9:

"Covid-19 has turned our amazing little ice cream parlor into something scary, into something we never imagined. ...Tonight at closing, we had another woman verbally harass our girls to a point where the cops were called, and both my girls were in tears..."

Ciotti told us things are easier at The North Pole now the mask restrictions have been lifted for the who have been vaccinated. However, they will continue to follow CDC guidelines.

Find more information about The North Pole menu, hours, and location here.

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