The soundtrack to "Rocketman," the hit movie about rock star Elton John, is fantastic. And Taron Egerton, who portrayed Sir Elton, sings all of the songs.

But, even though the soundtrack offers a LOT of Elton John hits, it misses a few great songs. Now is the perfect time to acquaint yourself with some of Elton John's best songs that did NOT receive big-time radio airplay and exposure. Please allow me to make a few suggestions:

Ballad of a Well-Known Gun. From Tumbleweed Connection, it features backup vocals from iconic songstress Dusty Springfield.

Social Disease. A boozy "bonus track" on Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

Elderberry Wine. Another boozy tune from Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player. Do we detect a theme?

Burn Down the Mission. From the Tumbleweed Connection LP, this one was covered by both Phil Collins and Toto.

Grey Seal. From Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, a little bit of absurdity, "like a Dali painting," according to Sir Elton and lyricist Bernie Taupin.

Where to Now St. Peter? A soldier asks the big question on Tumbleweed Connection.


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