A new Guinness World Record will officially made in Central New York in 2021. What for? The world's longest charcuterie board.

Herkimer County natives Preston Moore and Mike Cassella run the Facebook group 315 Foodies, which is dedicated to featuring food in and around central New York and had their eyes set on breaking the record since pre-coronavirus. They were supposed to get together in 2020 to accomplish the task, but it was postponed. Now, a date has finally been set for the record breaking attempt.

It was posted to the 315 Foodies page that Sunday September 19th, 2021 at Veterans Memorial Park Little Falls, NY will be the new event date.

"Current record is 150 feet, we are going for 315 feet see what we did there," Cassella said on the page. He posted the new date, saying that businesses and members of the page can take part in making the new record happen.

You can log on to 315 Foodies and register to be a part of the day.  Members (individuals) will not be charged to for their section. Partners/Restaurants will be charged a nominal partner fee. Board food will be served to the public, leftovers will be handled by a local food bank

The record breaking event will feature live music, beverages, activities for kids, NFL broadcasts, and a surprise guest MC.

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Not sure what a charcuterie board is? It's basically an appetizer with cured meats, cheeses, crackers, fruit, nuts and more. Absolutely delicious.

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