A recent study shows that New York State as a whole is considered to be the most responsible in the fight against the COVID-19 virus, according to a new analysis released Monday by doctors working for an insurance website.

The Truth About Insurance determined the results by state, and used three different factors in the study:

  1. Likelihood of mask usage
  2. Average percent of people staying at home per day
  3. Number of coronavirus tests per 100,000 residents

New York falls at the top of the list regarding all the preventative measures taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus. It shows that the majority of people (53%) are wearing masks in public, while 30.1% are remaining home when possible, the highest percentage in the top ten. It also points out that the state has reached over 18,000 tests per 100,000 people, second in the top ten to Rhode Island (21,280).

The study also points out the 14-day quarantine put in place by Governor Cuomo, citing it as a reason that as a state, New York is most responsible.

Here's the full list of most and least responsible states during the pandemic:

The 10 MOST Responsible States During the COVID-19 Pandemic

#10 – Responsible: Illinois
#9 – Responsible: Nevada
#8 – Responsible: Connecticut
#7 – Responsible: California
#6 – Responsible: Alaska
#5 – Responsible: Massachusetts
#4 – Responsible: Rhode Island
#3 – Responsible: District of Columbia
#2 – Responsible: New Jersey
#1 – Most Responsible: New York

The 10 LEAST Responsible States During the COVID-19 Pandemic

#10 – Irresponsible: Oklahoma
#9 – Irresponsible: Kentucky
#8 – Irresponsible: Missouri
#7 – Irresponsible: South Dakota
#6 – Irresponsible: Alabama
#5 – Irresponsible: Indiana
#4 – Irresponsible: Ohio
#3 – Irresponsible: Idaho
#2 – Irresponsible: Kansas
#1 – Most Irresponsible: South Carolina

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