Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy has released “U Only Live Twice” from his upcoming solo album View to a Thrill, which will come out on Nov. 9.

His current solo band features guitarist and co-writer Erik Ferentinos, bassist Matt Thorne and drummer Scot Coogan. In an interview about his fourth solo album, Smash, which arrived last year, Pearcy said, “If I write something really heavy, it might not be the right song for a solo record. If it’s Ratt, it’s a different kind of system that we write in.”

Pearcy noted if he's writing solo material with Ferentinos "we can go anywhere we want. If the song is heavy or it’s a lighter song, and it’s something that Ratt wouldn’t do, we just write. We don’t think about where it’s going or who it’s for. We just write it and make it the best song possible.”

You can listen to “U Only Live Twice” below.

Ratt are nearing the end of their New Breed tour, which features Pearcy alongside bassist Juan Croucier and new members Jordan Ziff, Chris Sanders and Pete Holmes. The singer recently confirmed he was using prescription painkillers to get through shows, ahead of a surgery that’s set to take place in January.

"The group has been through a lot in recent years, some of which is not exactly flattering, and we're out to sort of change that and give it a level of class," Croucier said in a recent interview. "All Stephen and I are trying to do is keep the group moving forward in a positive way and give the Ratt fans what they love, and what we love as well.”

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