The New York State Public Service Commission has started legal action against Spectrum Cable for potential violations of its franchise agreement.

The State approved Spectrum's acquisition of Time Warner and its ability to operate in New York based on the fulfillment of certain obligations.

That includes providing broadband access to underserved parts of the State and preserving a qualified workforce.

"The Governor believes it is essential that corporations doing business with the State uphold their commitments, and we will not tolerate abusive corporate practices or a failure to deliver service to the people" said the Governor's Press Secretary Dani Lever.  "Large and powerful companies will be held to the same standard as all other businesses in New York. The Spectrum franchise is not a matter of right, but is a license with legal obligations and if those are not fulfilled, that license should be revoked."

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi last week called on the PSC to investigate recent rate hikes at Spectrum.

Brindisi issued the following statement:

"Last week, I stood with sick and tired consumers who had simply had enough with the rapid rise in their cable and internet service bills. Well, the fight was worth it because now the State Public Service Commission (PSC) has heeded my call and announced they will indeed formally investigate Spectrum Media. The actions taken today will force Spectrum to open their books to New York and answer a slew of questions on pricing, service and more. The facts are clear that something fishy is afoot with locals' cable and internet bills, and so, people should feel somewhat vindicated by today’s news. It is my great hope that this investigation results in a fairer marketplace and a fairer rate for residential customers. If today proves anything, it is that the old adage of ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’ still holds true. In the meantime, I plan to watch Spectrum like a hawk and am not at all finished with this issue. There is critical work to do on the federal level to hold these quasi monopolies accountable. I want the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to step in and better vet monster mergers and better protect the little guy and gal along the way. Right now, there is a clear imbalance at play and consumers are the ones paying the price, literally. My fight ensues.

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