UPDATE: Debunked by the City of Niagara Falls in a tweet to us!

It would be dope if part of season 2 was filmed here though!

Original Story: A TikToker posted a video to his account that he claims shows Netflix's extremely popular series Squid Games" filming in Niagara Falls. The video shows a boat full of people all wearing the same red or pink uniform, but it's not close enough to really see any details. There's another video that shows the people walking up a long flight of steps. Based on the uniforms the guards wear in Squid Games, it could possibly be a shot from the filming of season 2. Spoiler alert (if you haven't watched the show yet, stop reading here, as I might give away too much about the popular series for your liking).

In season one, we see that the games take place on an island. In one of the scenes, police officer Hwang Jun-ho, who is searching for his missing brother sneaks onto a large barge that is carrying minivans with contestants in them on it. As it turns out, in a scene by the water, he finds out that his brother Hwang In-ho is actually the front man for the games.

I said all of that to say that it would make sense that the filming took place in Niagara Falls. If season 2 keeps the same premise that the games take place on some sort of "Island of Doom," then exterior shots using the falls would fit perfectly. Check out the videos below.

Credit: Netflix via Youtube

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