American Horror Story is no mere TV series. No, my friends, it is an immortal beast that will outlive us all. After you die, Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology series will still be churning out twisted nightmares. After the world ends, aliens from other galaxies will stumble onto a ruined Earth to discover a television broadcasting the latest episode of gruesome violence with a dash of camp.

That’s all to say, American Horror Story has officially been renewed for a 10th season, to the surprise of no one. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Season 10 of AHS will air in 2020, following Season 9 next year. Last year, the FX series was granted a double renewal for the eighth and ninth seasons, the former of which is set to debut on September 12.

The upcoming season, AHS: Apocalypse, will be the much-anticipated Murder House/Coven crossover, mashing up the first and third seasons of the show. Details are still being kept under wraps on what the plot will entail, but we know the freshman season’s Antichrist, aka Michael Langdon, will be back and much older (like way too old, actually, but whatever). The season will likely follow Michael as he enters the New Orleans witch academy from Coven, and all your favorite witches will be back, including Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Emma Roberts, along with Evan Peters and Billy Eichner.

It remains unclear what exactly is planned for Season 9 – perhaps the details we heard about Season 8 before the crossover was announced (like Paulson’s creepy dental appliances and that rumored Radioactive title) will be saved for next year. Either way, it’s clear Murphy will never run out of ideas for this thing, even when he’s got a zillion other series under his belt.

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