The Oneida County Sheriff's Office wants the public to know the proper and most reliable way to check if there is the threat of a sex offender in your neighborhood.

According to Lt. James Paravati an informed community is a safe community. Paravati says, "Our mission is to inform the general public, by means of this notification, of the potential threat that is posed by convicted sex offenders."

The recommended government website containing the sex offender registry is Not only can you search a particular area for sex offenders living there, but on this site you can also sign up for email, text or even fax notifications when a dangerous Level 2 or 3 offender moves into a particular area.

The Sheriff's Office also offers a somewhat more precise search option and that is over the phone. To gain information on a particular offender you can call 518-457-5837 or 1-800-262-3257. When you call be sure to have the offenders name and one of the following:

  • An exact address
  • Date of Birth
  • Driver's License Number
  • Social Security Number

Any information gathered from any sex offender registry or website must be used responsibly. It must never be used to harass or commit a criminal act against any person. If anyone has additional questions on anything relating to sex offenders you are encouraged to contact the Oneida County Child Advocacy Center at 315 732-3990.

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