Tim Quinn from Pittsford, out near Rochester, will be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune.

Tim will be a contestant coming up on Wednesday, October 21st 2020. Currently, Tim is a real estate project manager and currently lives in Los Angeles with his fiancé, Steven, and dog Webster.

Tim and his fiancé have a passion for urban planning and love traveling to different cities together. Tim currently spends his free time long distance running, reading, and redecorating their home. Tim has been a big Wheel fan, and routinely watches Wheel of Fortune with his fiancé.

He applied to be a contestant at WheelofFortune.com:

“I never expected to actually be selected, so getting that email was a fun surprise!”

Tim hopes to use any winnings towards his wedding and honeymoon. You can watch him on the show coming up on Wednesday October 21st.

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Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Forgets How To Play The Game

Wheel of Fortune has been on the air since 1983 and Pat Sajak has been the host of every single episode. Just when you think he's probably seen and heard it all, someone comes along and amazes the legendary game show host. This contestant clearly has forgotten how to play the game of Wheel of Fortune. Not only did he say the same incorrect answer twice in a row, the woman before him said the same wrong answer. I understand how there can be a lot of pressure with the cameras, lights, and big money on the line, but this is just dumb.

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