This sounds like an old wives tale, and an odd one, but you really shouldn't drink ice cold water on a hot day.

Actually this isn't a wives tale, its a fact. Drinking ice cold water on a hot day, can send your body into shock. That's drinking an entire bottle very fast. Medical experts say it's dangerous to your body:

PRMC ER Physician, Dr. Harry Emmerich says, that super cold water is hard for our digestive system to handle. It can actually cause esophageal spasm, which creates chest pains and abdominal cramping.

"It's kind of the equivalent to getting a brain freeze when you drink a slurpee. You get such a significant difference between your body temperature and the ice cold water, that will be at 32 degrees, which will cause spasm, cause your heart rate to drop, and cause your blood temperatures to drop."

Experts say you should drink water in moderate temperatures and drink a lot before going outside. If you want to hydrate, physicians recommend drinking two bottles of water 30 minutes before going outside, which should keep you in good shape for about an hour.

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