Do you dare roam the halls alone? You can get committed to a 3 hour psych hold at a haunted New York asylum for Halloween.

Rolling Hills Asylum in East Bethany, New York, originally known as The Genesee County Poor House, opened January 1, 1827, housing the mentally and physically disabled, widows, orphans, indigents and more. It's now a historical property, authentically haunted with over 1700 documented deaths over 200 years and it's only open to the public certain times during the year.

This is one of those times. For the month of October, you can take a 3 hour self guided tour. Psychic mediums will be on site every weekend. Social distancing and masks are required during the tour.

Tickets range from $49 to $89 but a limited number are available and must be purchased in advance.

Bring your phone, camera or audio listening device for your tour of the 3 buildings and the tunnel. And don't forget a flashlight.

All other guided tours are on hold until further notice due to COVID-19.

Rolling Hills Asylum is internationally known as a paranormal hotbed and has been featured on numerous paranormal shows, and used as a film location in movies and television.

Many people claim to have seen and heard many things while touring the haunted halls.

"We were just went up the stairs by the office area and started looking in rooms for a digital recorder we left when we caught this loud "Please stay in your room" then "It's nothing" we didn't hear these things when we recorded them only on playback," Mike from New Jersey Paranormal Research said.

Franky Porcaro claims his team was in the Shock Therapy room when they "caught the Organ in the upstairs playing two notes on our EVP recorder. It is one of the best EVP's I have ever caught."

Are you brave enough to be next?

Get tickets and more information at

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