Experts are reminding everyone to keep an eye on your pets as it gets hotter outside.

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Animals can’t sweat and retain heat much easier than their human companions. Most pet owners realize that keeping pets in hot cars can kill them…but not many realize just how quickly the effects of heatstroke can set in for a dog or cat. Heatstroke is a condition animals begin to suffer gradually, but it accelerates quickly; it’s easy for early signs of heatstroke to go unrecognized, and for the pet to be in an emergency situation within mere minutes.

WIVB-TV talked with Gina Lattuca from the Erie County SPCA who recommends...If your pet is excessively panting, acting dazed, or has a rapid heartbeat, those are all signs of heatstroke.

The typical signs of heatstroke are:
– Panting
– High body temperature
– Dehydration
– Red mouth/eye membranes
– Rapid, irregular heart rate
– Diarrhea
– Weakness, looking dazed
– Coma

To avoid any of these symptoms, and to keep your pet as cool as possible, Erie County SPCA Officials say keep the outdoor time to a minimum.

If your pet is showing signs of heatstroke, or any other symptoms you think may have been caused by the extreme heat, call your vet immediately.


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