Irresponsible Syracuse University students celebrating Orange basketball are driving up the COVID-19 infections at the university. reports there were 41 new cases at S.U. March 31, the largest jump in a day since mid-November.  Weekend basketball watch parties are being blamed.

WNBF News/ Roger Neel Photo
WNBF News/ Roger Neel Photo

The vice chancellor posted a message on the university website that warned if the pace of new infections continues the school will “have no choice but to implement additional and likely dramatic preventive actions.”

Binghamton University had to put additional restrictions in place last month when campus COVID cases were trending upward.  Social gatherings in public places were banned, all dining services on campus became take-out only, rehearsals were cancelled and off-campus buses were only running while class was in session.  Those restrictions were lifted when the infection rate went down.

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As of March 30, Binghamton University reported 14 new infections over the previous 7 days for a positivity rate of point-one-six percent.  There had been seven new student infections between March 27 and the 30th and one staff member for the three day period.

SUNY Broome Community College had no student infections and no staff infections.

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