It makes sense when you get ID checked for beer, cigarettes, even spray paint, we could get, but this item? Why on earth?

As noted above, when it comes to alcohol, of course, you don't want a 13-year old to be able to walk in and purchase booze. Cigarettes too meet the same criteria, there should be some kind of age restriction. There are so many items that require you to be a certain age, and for the most part, those items have legitimate reasoning, but does whipped cream have one?

That's What You Might Have To Flash An ID To Buy Now


So the next time you have a piece of pie, assuming you like to put some Reddi Wip on it, you'll have to show ID. But, this new law only applies to whipped cream in a canister. If you prefer and love Cool Whip, no problem will arise.

Please Tell Me What The Issue Is

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Canister charged whipped cream is packed with Nitrous Oxide, which gives it the ability to spray out of the can. Sadly, Nitrous Oxide in years past has seen a rise in being used to get high among youth. The chemical gets inhaled and can cause a variety of problems to those who do it.

"Used whippits piling up in our communities are not only an eye sore, but also indicative of a significant nitrous oxide abuse problem. This law will help to protect our youth from the dangers of this lethal chemical, while helping to clean up our neighborhoods.” - JOSEPH P. ADDABBO JR /NYS STATE SENATOR

So, next time you buy some Reddi Wip, get ready to bust out that ID to make your purchase. While the law looks to have been passed into effect, it seems only recently has it started to become enforced.

To read more on the law, check out this from the NYS Senate website.

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