What sounds like something more out of a courtroom TV drama, a New York state man is trying to convince a judge that the real suspect in question is his identical twin brother.

Syracuse.com is reporting that the 23 year-old Syracuse man is accused of first degree murder, stemming from May 2020. Perhaps there was a mistake? However, officials say the case all boils down to one key differential factor; hair.

New York Man Allegedly Blames Crime on Twin Brother 

The suspect's lawyer said Friday that there may have been some confusion which lead to the wrong brother being accused of the crime. The prosecutor and police were aware that there was another identical twin, who could play a factor in the defense's case.

One of the officers testified that the suspect had long, shoulder length dreadlocks with beads, while the other brother (the one who's not a suspect) had much shorter hair, and tighter beads. Officials say both brothers had recent photos on their Facebook pages which they had kept a close eye on.

It is uncertain if the suspect's attorney plans to carry the "twin brother" defense over to an actual trial. If so, this could leave a potential jury quite confused, which could eventually even lead to both brothers remaining free.

Hudson Valley Man Arrested Three Times in One Day

In unrelated news from earlier this week, police announced they had arrested the same man three times in the same day right here in the Hudson Valley.

Officials say the man even managed to get arrested twice by the same state trooper that day. According to a press release, the 28 year-old suspect was pulled over for a traffic violation before 8 A.M., where police found that he was driving with a suspended license, and allegedly had crack cocaine in his possession.

The Post then says the same suspect was eventually arrested by the same trooper at 2:30 P.M. after he allegedly was found with more drugs in his possession. He completed his memorable day about three hours later, according to police, when he was busted for allegedly driving under the influence of drugs.

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