If hours spent watching the latest Netflix series sounds like an ideal afternoon, Netflix has the perfect job for you.

Have you ever hoped for a job where you could get paid to hang around, in a warmer climate, and watch movies all day? Well, here's your chance - but you'll have to leave Central New York.

Netflix is hiring a Content Analyst for their Los Angeles office. Esquire found the original job posting. Netflix says the ideal candidate for the position will have knowledge of movies, and will be responsible for "watching and tagging" content for the movie giant.

It looks like the original position may have already been filled, as the job posting has already been removed from their site - but don't despair. A similar position is open within the category of "Kids, Teen, and Family Content." According to Netflix you'll need to have "in-depth knowledge of entertainment content created for kids, families, and teens, with a strong eye towards determining age-appropriate maturity and themes."

Does that sound like the ideal job for you?

BONUS VIDEO (in case you need a snack while you're watching your movies):

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