Two neighbors have turned a sleepy Central New York road into a Halloween spectacular as each tries to outdo the other with their Halloween decor.

When Ray and Nicole Sherman moved to Camroden Road in Floyd around 5 years, they didn't realize, living across the street were Brad and Bronwyn Williams - who take their Halloween decor very seriously. Like...very. Brad says the old neighbors never really decorated for the holiday, but he and his wife have been doing it for over 20 years - each year, the elaborate display getting bigger and more involved.

Credit: Nicole Sherman
Credit: Nicole Sherman

Ray, aka Butch, says when they moved in, they started their decorating - and like Ray's display it keeps getting bigger and bigger - with Ray crafting brick-looking pillars, a hearse pulled by a skeletal horse, and so much more.

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The two men say it's not really a battle - they both just love doing it. There is one thing they both agree on: they won't talk about their electric bill.

Both displays incorporate animatronic features, lights, skeletons, and so many creative, small details, you almost have to see it twice - once during the day, and once at night - to really take it all in.

If you want to check it out, both families have their displays up and running every evening between now and Halloween. You're welcome to get out and take pictures.

Camroden Road Halloween

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