Staying home during the coronavirus pandemic can be kind of lonely. All that solitude appears to have driven a Canastota man to take extreme measures.

On Route 5 in Canastota, a sign appeared, in red spray paint on cardboard. "Girlfreind (sic) Wanted."

The origin of the sign is a mystery. We're assuming it was posted by a lonely guy - but maybe it was posted by a guy looking to replace his current girlfriend. Or maybe it was put up by a woman.

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We know this about the advertiser: his handwriting isn't bad, but his spelling could be better. He's a man of few words, and is looking for a woman who doesn't ask too many questions, unless the back of that poster has some information about his likes and dislikes. The guy isn't too detailed oriented either: how is a prospective woman supposed to get in touch with this guy? Wait on the corner?

Do you live in Canastota? Any idea who this is?

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