A massive snowstorm is heading to Western New York Wednesday evening and that could cause some issues on the road to and from work.

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There already have been reports of people being stranded in their vehicles on the highway along the East Coast because of snowstorms and the chance of bad snow getting you stuck on the roads here in Western New York is pretty high.

We know how quickly the snow and ice can come and if the winds start whipping up you could be caught in "white-out" conditions and stuck on the road or highway. If that were to happen to you, are you prepared?

Some people will say yes, and they already are set to go for Winter 2022 but if you are not, there are certain things that you need to have in your vehicle to make sure that you are safe. you don't want to be stuck on the 90 or the 290 for long periods of time without something to help you out.

Since this is the very beginning of wintertime here in Western New York so still have some time to head out to the store, stock up on these items, get them into your vehicle, and make sure that you are good to go before the snowstorm hits Western New York.

Check out these five "must-have" items that should be in your car during the winter months here in Western New York. Of course, if you have other items you think should be on the list please let us know.

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