The Oneida County COVID-19 numbers continue to decline steadily. Numbers across the Mohawk Valley, as a whole, have started the descent down the mountain. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end.

Over the weekend officials in Oneida County announced 49 new positive cases Saturday and 33 new cases Sunday. Tragically, each day saw one additional COVID-19 related death.

As of Sunday there were 55 county county residents hospitalized in Oneida County. 46 of those residents are being treated at MVHS and 9 are at Rome Memorial Hospital. 6 additional residents are hospitalized outside the county. It’s important to remember 378 Oneida County Residents have died over the course of the Pandemic.

The number of active positive cases in Oneida County fell below 1,000 for the first time in a long time Sunday with 918. Herkimer County also saw a decrease in their COVID-19 numbers.

On Sunday, Officials with Herkimer County Government posted to their Facebook page an update. On Saturday Herkimer County saw 23 new positive cases and on Sunday officials announced 11 new cases. Luckily, nobody died from Coronavirus complications over the weekend in Herkimer County. As of Sunday there were 25 people hospitalized in Herkimer County. Over the course of the Pandemic Herkimer County has lost 88 residents due to COVID-related death.

In releasing the daily numbers Sunday, Oneida County officials announced that they will be releasing vaccine totals and information every Monday and those numbers will reflect the previous week's totals. As of now, appointments are still limited due to a shortage of vaccine supply. Health officials encourage continued use of masks, hand washing and social distance as a way to combat the spread of the virus.

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