It was just a few months ago that Mountainside Medical Supply announced their release of a brand new hand sanitizer. Now, they've announced the donation of over 7,000 bottles.

There is something different about Mountainside Medical's stuff! It smells great (like spearmint) and it leaves a moisturized feeling on your hands, unlike that of the other ones that dry your hands out.

This father and son, veteran-owned, company has become a staple in Central New York with their outstanding Mountain Ice Pain Relieving Gel and now their hand sanitizer. What prompted Mountainside Medical Supply to get involved in the production of a hand sanitizer was the critical shortages reported in the early stages of the Pandemic.

Marty Zarnock Jr. is the co-owner of Mountainside and he says, "We know firsthand how difficult it’s been to get supplies in the past year, which is why we’ve worked to support our community, hospitals and anyone else that we could reach. Now more than ever it is so important for us to stand together and do what we can to help each other get through this difficult time."

Mountainside Medical Supply also teamed up with another local business to help with the alcohol side of things. Adirondack Distilling Company joined the Zarnocks in manufacturing 4 ounce bottles of Hand-in-Hand Instant Hand Sanitizer. The bottles were made with a 70% ethyl alcohol formulation, meeting CDC standards for killing viruses in a health care setting. The two companies then donated over 150 cases, totaling 7,272 bottles to local organizations like the Otsego County Health Department, Central New York Veterans Outreach, and multiple neighboring fire departments and sheriff’s offices.

What makes this community standout above many others is the willingness for residents and business owners to step up in times of crisis to help their neighbors.

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