This is a move that should come with the hope of brighter days on the horizon. But to be honest the Jets need to prove themselves before anyone will be too excited about the next chapter. Over Gase's two seasons as Jets' Head Coach the team went 9-23 and superstar players like Jamal Adams and Le'Veon Bell begged to be traded. Gase himself admitted that he didn't do a good enough job developing quarterback Sam Darnold.

Now the question is who will be the next head coach of the Jets and honestly who will hire that person? The Jets will be competing with teams like the Houston Texans, Detroit Lions, Atlanta Falcons, and most likely the Jacksonville Jaguars for the top coaching candidates. Considering that the Johnson family hasn't exactly been great at picking coaches, general manager Joe Douglas will hopefully have the final say on the next head coach. No telling if Douglas will get it right considering this is his first GM job but I have to believe he'll be better at it than the Johnsons have been.

After we know who will be leading the Jets, it will be time to figure out who the QB will be. Jacksonville has the number one pick which takes Trevor Lawrence out of the equation. So do you take Ohio State QB Justin Fields with the second overall pick or do you hire a guy like Bills OC Brian Daboll hoping he can develop Darnold like he did Josh Allen in Buffalo?

What we do know right now is the Adam Gase coaching tenure that began with an awkward press conference ended with yet another Jets loss to the New England Patriots. Rumor is that Gase may very well join the man he never beat with the Jets, Bill Belichick. Imagine that Jets fan! Looking across the field at MetLife and not only seeing Belichick but Gase whispering plays in his ear.

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