New York is home to many things and toilet paper is one of them.

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Lets face it....toilet paper is something that is super important to the world. A shortage of it almost caused the world to go mad a few years ago. So speaking of toilet paper, it's one of the interesting things that was pretty much invented in New York.

Here's the story behind it...


Remember this name....Seth Wheeler. He was born in Columbia County, NY and his family was part of a very successful agricultural and manufacturing company near Albany. During the time most houses in Albany had outdoor bathrooms and many outhouses were lined up in yards and outdoor properties. Okay we're going to jump ahead a bit, In 1857, Joseph Gayetty created the first toilet paper that was available in the United States. Imagine a world before toilet paper? He watermarked each piece of paper with his name and the product was sold as a medical product. Back to Seth Wheeler...

Seth was reportedly the first person to receive the U.S. patent for a machine that was able to manufacture rolled wrapping paper. His machine could do a lot, but probably the best thing it did was process rolled, perforated toilet paper. He was able to create the Rolled Wrapping Paper Company that was based out of Albany in the 1870s.

Thank you to Seth Wheeler and Joseph Gayetty for your contribution to the world.

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