Do you have someone living in the woods next to your house? Or how about the house on your street that you know has been abandoned? Are those people legally allowed to be there? Should you call the cops? Should you just mind your own business?

Believe it or not the persons who are 'squatting' in that home or on that property do have some rights to be there, depending on how long it has gone unnoticed or un-reported. Yes, there is a chance that the person (according to New York State) can legally stay there, but here is the loop hole that makes it possible.

How long can someone be living at a place to be a "squatter?"

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New York State determines if the person has a legal right to be on a property, depending on how long that person has been there. If you don't want them there, things are going to get complicated quickly the longer someone stays, without being given notice. 

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How soon do you need to tell someone to get off your property before they can legally squat there?

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You are going to need to get the cops and the legal teams involved with this one. If someone has managed to go unnoticed for 30-days or more, that's when things get even stickier.

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How to avoid all of this? Keep an eye on your property, even if it is just acres of land, because unnoticed squatters are a legal nightmare. Also, make sure to have multiple no-trespassing, private property signs posted, which might not be a deterrent, but they police want to see them posted before you have issues with people just living on your property even if its just having them camp there for a night.

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