Are you getting ready for hunting season in New York State? What is it that you like to hunt for? Deer? Bear? Turkeys? How do you prepare? Is it a matter of getting your gear out, checking it over? Cleaning your rifles? Getting your bow tuned?

There are 4 things that every hunter needs to remember and needs to do whenever they are out in the field or with their firearm. Think we should add something to the list below? Reach out and let us know.

What do hunters need to be aware of and to do each time they head out?


Serious gunowners and hunters will already be on top of these items, but its never bad to review:

  • Always treat your firearm like it is loaded, even if you think it isn't.
  • Keep the firearm pointed away from people, pointed down when possible.
  • Always keep your fingers away from the trigger unless you are going to actually shoot something.
  • Be sure of what it is that you are going to be shooting, your target, but also be aware of what is behind the target. Just incase you miss or your ammunition travels all the way through the said target.
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What else should New York Hunters be aware of?

Don Stevenson

Just a reminder that (from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation) that there has been changes made to the hunting laws over the last few years including you now need to be wearing a solid or patterned fluorescent orange or fluorescent pink hat, vest, or jacket when hunting deer or bear with a firearm.


When will you be heading outdoors to go hunting? Any tips that you want to share with us?

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