The DEC confirmed that a deer found dead recently in Upstate NY died from an often-fatal virus -  transmitted by small insects - that can take a deer's life in just 36 hours.

The disease, Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD )has been around for a while and rears its ugly head at the end of the summer.

According to a report in the Daily Voice,  this represents the first confirmed case so far in 2022, and the NYS DEC is hoping you can help them stop the spread of this disease that has killed thousands in New York over the last few years.

They say that New York's deer are currently being affected by Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD). EHD is a fatal viral disease of white-tailed deer caused by a tiny biting fly.

When a deer is infected with a virus, it's near-fatal, and in most cases, it can claim the life of the animal in about 36 hours.

Strangely, many hunters reported seeing dead deer by water sources - a common occurrence when deers are inflicted with EHD

Photo: NYS DEC
This dead deer lies by the water source it tried to drink from, a common occurrence when a deer is infected with the deadly EHD disease.

The New York State Department of Environment Conservation has an explanation for it.

A deer that has this disease according to the DEC, may appear dehydrated and may look to be swollen in the head, neck, tongue, or eyelids.  They also say that hundreds have turned up near water sources, a tell-tale sign of EHD.

According to the DEC, dehydration caused by the disease will weaken the deer, and as they seek refuge near water, they are dying near the source.


"Until we have widespread frosts that kill the midges that transmit the virus, new cases of EHD are likely to persist."


They say that it cannot be contracted by humans and does not pass from deer to deer.

The DEC is asking anyone, hunter or otherwise, to contact them if you come across a dead deer that you believe may have died from EHD.

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