Albany man involved in big drug bust

An Upstate New York drug lord -  attempting to transport a boatload of illegal drugs across state lines - was popped 565 miles south of Albany in Henderson, North Carolina over the weekend.

Police in Henderson, NC (about 2.5 hours northwest of Charlotte) posted details on their Facebook page and say the arrest happened early on Saturday morning May 20th at around 4:40 am.

K-9 Unit finds copious amounts of illegal drugs

According to Henderson NC Police, 41-year-old Jonathan Gordan was arrested and charged by the agency's K-9 patrol after a search found that Gordan allegedly tried to stash 1,000 bricks of Heroin and 5 kilos of cocaine.

"Police Department conducted a traffic stop on I-85 for a traffic violation. After a positive alert by our agency’s K-9, a vehicle search was conducted. During the course of the investigation and search 1,000 Bricks of Heroin and 5 kilos of cocaine were located within the vehicle." Henderson NY Police 
Jonathan Gordan, Albany.  Photo: Henderson NY Police Facebook
Jonathan Gordan, Albany.  Photo: Henderson NY Police Facebook

Street value in the millions

While it's hard to pinpoint how much street value there is in the confiscated drugs, a kilo of cocaine could have a street value of nearly $40,000, while one brick of Heroin (Gordan allegedly had 1,000 bricks) can be worth anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000.

Albany man caught in NC drug bust Photo: Henderson NC PD Facebook
Albany man caught in NC drug bust Photo: Henderson NC PD Facebook

Acted alone

Police say that Gordan, who was the only occupant inside the car, was arrested and charged with multiple counts of trafficking, possession, and intent to manufacture, sell, and deliver.  He's currently being held on a $500,000 bond and is in the custody of the Vance County Detention Center.

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