According to the Five Guys website there are 88 locations of this burger brand in New York State, which is second only to Florida's 119 locations. That's a lot of burgers, fries and even hot dogs. One of these New York locations has something the rest do not, a secret bar. Some would call it a speakeasy.

A speakeasy is defined as "an illicit liquor store or nightclub" so how could that be possible at a Five Guys location? Let's explore what this one New York location has hidden. 

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Chances are you have visited a Five Guys restaurant at one time or another and enjoyed a cup of peanuts while you wait for your Little Bacon Burger and a bag of fries. It's pretty standard stuff unless you are at this one location in particular.

The Five Guys, located at 296 Bleecker Street in Manhattan, is a little different. As you head toward the back of the restaurant, past the kitchen, you will find a set of stairs. Make the short climb and enter a small bar serving beer, wine and cocktails. A speakeasy!

Photo by Marcel Heil on Unsplash
Photo by Marcel Heil on Unsplash

The speakeasy you have stumbled into is called The Garret West. The bar is open 7 days a week and you can even bring your burger upstairs when your order your drink. I'm certain management from The Garret are pleased that their business is not a secret.


Last summer I stood outside of this Five Guys looking for the bar that was supposed to be there. - mushisira on Instagram



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