Foster homes are urgently needed for over 50 animals in Upstate New York.

Pig Hoarding Case Turns Breeding Nightmare in Upstate NY

An animal hoarding situation in Upstate New York turned into what one rescue is calling a "breeding nightmare." Eastern Snouts Adoption and Rehoming is a "registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, offering adoption services as well as emergency funding & education" according to their Facebook page. 

This week the rehoming agency shared an urgent case out of Upstate, NY.

In a statement posted to Facebook, they explain:

"Upstate hoarding case”- Huge case that turned into a breeding nightmare. There are many piglets that are spayed/neutered, different sized adults, 5 very pregnant females. All mini pigs"

Eastern Snouts is looking to rehome 59 pigs and piglets adding "20 piglets likely under 1 year, many adults. Some are fixed, some are not." The Facebook post explains that there are other animals on the Upstate, NY property looking to be rehomed including goats, sheep, and cows.

Eastern Snouts Adoption and Rehoming, Facebook
Eastern Snouts Adoption and Rehoming, Facebook

If you're interested in helping foster or adopt you are asked to join the Eastern Snouts Pig Adoption and Rehoming page on Facebook to fill out an application.

Upstate NY Pig Hoarding Case: Where in NY Are They Located?

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This was a concern for many in the comment section of the post, however, the pig-fostering organization explained that there is no specific information about the location because it's an ongoing case.

With that being said they will offer transportation for the pigs wherever they may end up.

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