A lot of this may seem like common sense, but sometimes you have to reiterate. The National Park Service has issued some helpful reminders now that it's bear season, and one particular reminder has some people laughing.

But if you ever actually thought about doing what they're telling you not to do, then maybe you need to take a look at yourself.

The New York State DEC estimates that there are a minimum of 6,000-8,000 bears in the state.

Don't Use Your Friends As Bait 

The Park Service has again told the public not to push slower friends down to use as bear bait as you're escaping a bear that's after you. The seasonal advice came in a Park Service Facebook post, that offers some dark humor along with some otherwise helpful tips. What kind of friend would do this anyway?

Well, we all know that one person we could maybe do without. in our lives. Sound tempting?

If a bear clacks its teeth, sticks out its lips, huffs, woofs, or slaps the ground with its paws, it is warning you that you are too close and are making it nervous.

They go on to say if you come across a bear, to move slowly away and do it a sideways motion.

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Bear Safety Tips

They also say not to run by any means, for bears chase fleeing animals. Trying to climb a tree is also not a good idea. Making loud noises to identify yourself as human, and not regular bear prey, is advised. However, don't drop to the ground and play dead. Bears can tell if you're overacting. Slowly make the distance between yourself and the bear. 

Bears in New York State 

Black bears are the prominent bear in New York state, with an estimated 30 to 35% of them living in the Catskills. Of course, you can sometimes spot them right in the middle of town, or going through your garbage, or even going for a swim in your backyard pool. Seal up your trash, bring in your bird feeders, and basically don't offer the bears any source for food.

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