This is a case of pumpkin spice, but absolutely nothing really nice. A man from New York, who has already served two state prison terms, appears to be heading back to the big house over a rather trivial matter.

SI Live says the parolee pleaded guilty to a federal firearm charge from an incident stemming from October 2022. The man's sentencing is not until July 2024, though he is facing up to seven years in federal prison, say officials.

Feds Say Intoxicated Man Loses Cool Over Lack of Pumpkin Donuts 

The New York Daily News says that a 35-year-old convicted felon, who has served time for attempted murder, was caught with a loaded gun at a Williamsburg Dunkin’ Donuts back in October 2022. And according to witnesses and court documents, it all had to do with Dunkin's seasonal fall menu.

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A Dunkin' employee told the 911 dispatcher that the intoxicated man wanted six pumpkin-flavored donuts, though the store only had five available at the time.

He wants six pumpkin donuts, but we only have five at the moment, so now he’s screaming all in our face, telling us, ‘You’re gonna f–king ‘make it.'”

The Daily News says the out-of-his-gourd suspect left briefly, then returned to the location and shoved what "looked like a weapon in his pants."

After eventually leaving the Dunkin' location again, police said they found the man at a nearby deli.

The man was found carrying a "9-mm. semiautomatic firearm, with one round in the chamber and 13 more in the magazine", according to federal prosecutors.

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He is currently being held in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn and will be sentenced July 24.

Who Wants Pumpkin? 

Dunkin' debuted their seasonal Pumpkin Donuts in the 00s, and they are described as cake donuts that are made with real pumpkin puree and topped with glaze to "bring out the natural spices", says their website.

Dunkin' management further describes the fall snack, stating their "pumpkin-loving fans look forward to these sweet treats all year; not only because they’re delicious, but because they evoke feelings of comfort and nostalgia in every bite."

Guess they evoked a few too many nostalgic feelings when it comes to this guy.

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