I don't recommend trying this out today.

I'm all about beauty products and beauty hacks, but I might need to pass on this one. My clothes always seem like they get super wrinkly. so having an iron is always something I need to have wherever I live. I hate to feel like a slob so I even keep a backup iron in my closet just in case mine breaks.

I was recently having a conversation with my hairdresser and she mentioned how an iron isn't just used for clothing....

How else can you use an iron for beauty purposes?


According to some hairdressers and a few other slightly older women (I'm treading very lightly with that term) an iron was commonly used as a hair straightener for women before flat irons become popular.


I've burned myself pretty badly using a hair straightener so I can only imagine the burns that would happen if I had to use an ACTUAL IRON. Thank god times have changed and we've evolved.

I have to give a special shoutout to Isaac K. Shero who reportedly patented the first hair straightener that was made of two flat irons that were heated and pressed together. Thank you Isaac, your amazing contribution to the beauty will never be forgotten. If it wasn't for him we'd all be living in a frizzy mess of a world, not very glamorous at all.

I do remember using my first first flat iron and it was pretty big, clunky and didn't get too hot. As time went on they got better, hotter and more expensive. I have one now that straightens  my hair (real and fake) in about 10 minutes and it does a fabulous job.

Did you know someone who used an actual iron to get straight hair? Is everyone just messing with me? Share your answers with us on the station app:

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