A resident, who was photographing bald eagles near a reservoir, claimed they saw something in the sky that they can not quite explain. But does it mean we're being visited by beings from another world?

While we often hear of unidentified flying objects in the news, these sightings could simply mean something else entirely. Many reports of strange looking flying craft, could simply be some sort of military test flight, communication satellites, or even just a bright star in the night sky.

But residents across New York are continuing to witness things in the sky. According to the National UFO Reporting Center, New York trails only behind California, Florida, Texas, and Washington state for sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects.

Unidentified Object Reported in the Skies Over Sullivan County  

According to the National UFO Reporting Center says a resident witnessed a cigar-shaped object near Grahamsville the afternoon of January 12.

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The entry in the NUFORC from the observer says they were "doing some wildlife photography at the DEC eagle observing parking area along rte. 55a just outside of Grahamsville along the Rondout Reservoir."

The photographer says that they noticed an "elongated object" in the background of all ten pictures of an eagle that had just flown from its perch. The report says that at first they thought the object may have been "a smudge on the lens", though the object's position changed as they panned with the eagle.

You can faintly see the object in the background, above from where the eagle took flight.


The Top 25 Most Baffling UFO Sightings Reported in New York This Year

When residents of the Empire State spot something unexplainable in the skies, they report it to the National UFO Reporting Center. There's been about 80 new sightings so far in 2023 that raised a few hackles.

NUFORC does investigate what people saw to determine if they actually witnessed alien activity or something else. Oftentime, these reports turn out to be false flags. For example; someone from NYC reported seeing a strange, square-like object in the sky on July 22. They provided a photo to NUFORC, who then ruled the person saw an "advertising banner behind a private aircraft."

However, there have been several creepy reports that couldn't be brushed off with a logical explanation. And some of these reports had photo or video evidence attached.

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