Cats love to climb, but sometimes they can get themselves into a predicament they can't easily escape from. Emergency crews are called quite a bit for cat rescues, as felines will get themselves stuck up on top of trees or telephone poles and need some assistance getting down.

One curious cat managed to get themselves stuck on top of a roof for four entire days.

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According to Pawlicy Advisor, 49.7% of New York state households own a pet, with 21.1% being cat owners.

Cat Stuck on Roof In New York State Saved 

WNYT says that a cat was saved in Schenectady after being stuck on top of a roof for four days. Neighbors gathered outside the home, as workers from S&G Roofing Company came to helped bring the cat down to safety.

Some of the onlookers even got a few goof camera shots, as this pic was posted to the WNYT Facebook page.

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Westchester Police Rescue Dog Found in Sewer 

You may remember this story from Spring 2023?

The New Rochelle Police Department said on their Facebook page that they discovered the dog in the sewer. And while they say the dog was wearing a harness and leash at the time, they claim the pup appeared to have been abandoned.

So, the police department had a plan though to get the dog out.

According to the officers, they shared their dinner with the dog who was more than happy to approach them for a bite to eat, Once the dog was rescued from the sewer, officials say they noticed that there was no ID or microchip.

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