The threat of winter weather continues to be a concern as the snow is rolling in on us today.  The reports have been all over the place and hard to predict. But some businesses are being cautious, which is a great thing for public safety.

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The Uitca Zoo is one of those businesses. They have decided to close on Tuesday March 14. As the storm develops, we will keep you updated on any extensions to this.

We always hope the weather won't turn as severe as predicted but I absolutely applaud outfits like the Utica Zoo for being mindful of people and their safety. Roads can be treacherous in these conditions, but people still like to tempt things by going through with plans they had already made. It is great to see places the public's safety being a concern.

Of course, Utica Zoo fun and their March madness bracket will resume as soon as it is safe for people to come on out and enjoy. For more information on how to check out their March Madness bracket, click here. They are now in Round 2 with the top 50% of contestants remaining. Who are you rooting for?


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