I have talked about being a collector of all things antique and vintage many times. Those who tune in or read about my travels are treated to the many things I like to seek out and pick up while out in the world. I love my vintage Rock and Pop T shirts most of all. Second to that is classic wrestling items.

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Growing up in what is now considered the golden era of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE), we got marketed at heavily. We had a cartoon, giant rubber action figures and even thumb wrestlers. The merchandise options extended to the wearable variety. You couldn't turn on a WWF weekend show without seeing audience members with seemingly unlimited funds decked out with a Hulk Hogan T Shirt, Bret Hart Sunglasses, Ultimate Warrior Tassles and a Big Bossman Hat while holding a piece of foam shaped like a 2x4 paying homage to Glans Falls resident Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

I was so envious of these kids and sadly was unable to pick up much merchandise the few times I was able to attend a live event. I did get a cool lunchbox most likely from my local Caldor Department store

Photo Courtesy of Hyde's Mom
Photo Courtesy of Hyde's Mom

Yeah, that's me. It was a different time.

In the land of adulthood, like so many others, I have found myself picking up some of the things I was unable to acquire as a youth with no income. I have amassed a neat collection of shirts that I only saw in the pages of the Merchandise Catalogs and on Saturday mornings. There are however many gaps to my collections.

Imagine my surprise when a user of our app reached out to let me know that he had a few items leftover from his childhood that he no longer wanted. I was immediately intrigued. He said he only had 2 items, but they were all mine. I asked how much he was looking for in terms of payment and he shocked me by saying I could take them for nothing. I insisted that I would want to pay him for these things as they aren't the easiest to find. He objected to my insistence by telling me he would rather they be in the hands of a true old school fan than to sit in his closet anymore.

I was truly overwhelmed by his kindness and was excited to see what he had, as I hope you are as well.


This Ricky Steamboat headband would have come from his first run, around the time he and Macho Man Randy Savage had their night stealing match at Wrestlemania 3. Quite the find!


This is Ultimate Warrior's first t shirt (a tank top was released previous to this) and it looks as vibrant today as it did in 1989 when Warrior was on his rise to the top of the WWF mountain.

Thank you so much to the generosity shown not just in this exchange, but in general as I am still finding my footing in my new home. I'm happy to be here.

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