It’s well known by now that I have just moved to Central New York. I am looking forward to exploring all that this area has to offer. This not only means the search for interesting locations but also experiencing things that are held sacred to this area. As an outsider trying to get in, I do have some questions.

What is Chicken Riggies? And, most importantly, why is it plural?

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Before moving to the area, I came for a few visits and my soon to be co-workers were very in my face telling me about all the things I needed to try in the area and how much I would love it here. One of the first things said to me was I needed to try Chicken Riggies. Having had a friend spend time in this area before, i was told in no uncertain terms to not give into this particular regional dish.

Looking into it, I really do not see what the big deal is. I am a pasta enthusiast from way back, so I am not against the idea. Rigatoni is usually my go-to pasta of choice, and I do enjoy chicken. You do lose me a bit when we get into the peppers though as I am a bit of a boring bland eater. Then a "pink" sauce which seems to be equal parts cream and tomato with spice. What's so wrong with basic marinara? Am I missing the point where we messed with perfection?

My now co-workers still hassle me daily about having not actually partaken in a "riggy" (I see no reason for the pluralization but that is a different topic for a different day) but how does one go about deciding where to start? Where is the best place for this delicacy? Where am I bound to fall in love with this Utica grown creation?

Once I can narrow down the options, all that will be left is the taste test.

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