You're not imagining it, there is an increase in certain crimes here in New York. These five are the worst.

The apparent rise in crime has become a key voting issue in the upcoming November elections. With constant headlines about stabbings, shootings, theft, and carjackings - it's no wonder Americans are feeling less safe.

Campaigners Call For Tougher Knife Laws
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A recent Gallup poll found 40% of Americans are afraid to walk alone at night within a mile of their home, which is the highest number since 1993. A whopping 75% agree there's more crime in America.

New Yorkers have also reported a growing frustration with growing crime, especially here in the Utica area as a stark number of kids have been busted on gun charges.

Stabbings have also become a recent problem in the city.

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While both acts are atrocious and alarming, a new study found the 5 most commonly committed crimes in New York State in 2024 - but both gun and knife crimes failed to make the list.

New York's 5 Most Common Crimes

If you ever wondered what type of crime is most common in New York State, personal injury law firm Gruber Law Offices found out exactly that.

Using the latest statistics from the United States Bureau of Justice, they identified the 5 crimes that are reported most in the state.

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According to Pew Research Center, nearly 60% of Americans feel the president and Congress should make reducing crime a priority.

The same survey also found crime rates across the country in both small and major cities have fallen by roughly 50% between 1993 and 2022. Property crime rates fell by about 60% during the same time period.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) said their data shows crime has fallen even more, and that both violent and property crime rates decreased slightly over 70% between 1993 and 2022.

In Wake Of UCSB Killings, Los Angeles Holds Gun Buyback Program
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Just because there's a decrease in these types of crimes, other malicious acts are increasing. In 2020, the murder rate skyrocketed by 30% from the previous year, according to Pew.  However, that number sharply declined by 2021.

Despite what data suggests, Americans are feeling less confident in their personal safety, and that may determine who wins the upcoming presidential election.

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