Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays to play bartender. Whether you want to serve up something elegant or scrumptious - these five recipes are guaranteed to impress your guests.

If you're heading to the liquor store to stock up on supplies, you're definitely not alone. However, it can become overwhelming trying to think of what kind of cocktails to serve up on Turkey Day.

Things that may have sounded like a good idea before you stepped through the door might strike a different chord once you begin loading bottles into your cart.

GoodLifeStudio from Getty Images Signature
GoodLifeStudio from Getty Images Signature

Thanksgiving shopping is stressful. You want your dinner to be classy and delicious, but you don't want to make it look like you tried that hard.  You want people to be amazed by your thoughtfulness and think to themselves that you're their family version of Martha Stewart. And when they ask how you managed to pull off another opulent meal, you'll lie through your teeth about what happened behind the scenes.

What they won't know is how long you spent cleaning your house like the lovechild of a tornado and a Roomba. They will also be clueless to the fact you cleaned while cooking a Thanksgiving feast and barking orders at your family like a junkyard dog. They also won't know that the only thing you had to eat that day was maybe a single slice of white bread and maybe a sip of coffee, because the stove was fully occupied by breakfast time.

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While I can't help you there - what I can do is provide you some tasty cocktail recipes that are guaranteed to get your mother in law buzzed enough to not notice that minute amount of dust you failed to clean up in the corner of your living room.

What I offer you is a plan of attack to further secure your title as the ultimate host.

1. The Spiked Pecan Pie

This tasty recipe is a swirl of cinnamon, cream, caramel and a sneaky amount of vodka.

2. Cranberry Orange Prosecco Punch

For those who love fruity cocktails with a fall theme, this one is sure to make people get up for seconds, thirds and fourths.

3. Pumpkin Spice Margarita

You heard of the PSL. Now, get a load of the PSM. This unique recipe challenges the margarita's vice-like grip on summer and reinvents it into your new favorite fall cocktail.

4. Hot Spiced Cranberry Cocktail

This flexible recipe can be made without alcohol, so the kids at the table can feel included. If you want to make it alcoholic, rum will be your spirit of choice.

5. Caramel Apple Butterscotch Cocktail

This drink is as strong as it is delicious. It uses vodka, rum and butterscotch schnapps. This drink is also very easy to make despite looking (and tasting) complex, which your guests don't have to know.

But if these recipes sound too much, there will be no judgement coming from me.

Also, some people just don't want or can't have alcohol, so here's a handy list of 5 delicious mocktails that will delight your Thanksgiving guests!


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Sometimes your best intentions can be cut down by exhaustion from spending your waking hours ensuring Thanksgiving dinner goes without a hitch.

Homemade Roasted Thanksgiving Day Turkey
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In that case, you have my blessing to grab some boxed wine and let your turkey and dessert table gobble up the spotlight.

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